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  • Hastings Independent Press

    Bus Shelters Showcase Care Home Art

    Care home resident, Audrey Coward, has had work from her life drawing classes selected to adorn bus shelters in Hastings.

  • Hastings Independent Press

    Drawing Life – from sketchbook to screen

    Sussex-based charity, Drawing Life, holds life drawing classes for people with dementia. Project Director, Judy Parkinson, writes about the challenges they faced in 2020.

  • The Care Home Environment

    Drawing Life – Art For People Living With Dementia

    Sussex-based charity Drawing Life has held hundreds of life drawing classes for people in care homes. Here, chief executive Judy Parkinson outlines the benefits of life drawing for people with dementia

  • Charities Management Magazine

    Responding to everything changing

    Drawing Life’s Judy Parkinson – Covid-19 changed everything, putting classes on hold and closing care home and gallery doors.

  • Hastings Independent Press

    Drawing Life’s no-tech solution to the Covid-19 lockdown

    Drawing Life, the Hastings-based charity, brings art to people living with dementia and other age-related conditions. Now they are releasing a lockdown-proof sketchbook so that their artists can continue drawing.

  • Hastings Independent Press

    Drawing Life In The Boatyard Café

    The Drawing Life project has grown, almost beyond recognition. Long-term readers will remember the days when we looked at the drawings and said: “Wow, that’s amazing for someone living with dementia.” Looking at this latest exhibition displayed on the walls of Hastings Contemporary’s gorgeous new Boatyard Café, we now simply say: “Wow, these are really interesting pictures.”

  • Hastings Independent Press

    In The Moment – An Exhibition Inspired by People Living with Dementia

    Drawing Life is taking an exciting new step forward with a show at Depot Lewes, integrating the work of people with dementia with that of the artist-tutors, who have curated the show. In the Moment explores how the artist-tutors have been inspired by the unique expressions created under their guidance.

  • Boston Herald

    Ernie Boch Jr. hosts party fit for a duchess for Sarah Ferguson

    Fergie specifically came across the pond to meet with Boch and discuss possible ways they could work together. Escorted by mutual friends Jaine Green, head of content with Discover Film, and Judy Parkinson, CEO of Drawing Life, the group has apparently been busy riffing about an ongoing partnership.

  • Hastings Independent Press

    Drawing Life

    The row of artists intently study the models before them – a pair of dancers frozen in a Tango move – then begin to sketch. These are no ordinary artists, but people living with dementia, and their focus and concentration is astounding.

  • Hastings Online Times

    Exhibition Offers Window into Minds of People Living with Dementia

    In connection with Dementia Action Week, Drawing Life, the charity which holds life drawing classes with people living with dementia, has arranged an exhibition of work at A Wave of Dreams Arts Lab in St Leonards. Nick Terdre reports.

  • Hastings Independent Press

    Drawing Life: The Exhibition

    Lottery-funded drawing classes now justifies display in its own exhibition at the Kino Teatr in St Leonards. These charcoal and pastel drawings are not just the results of an exercise to occupy damaged minds: they have muscularity, dynamism and luminosity which talk to the observer in a way that is both surprising and heartening.

  • Hastings Online Times

    Drawing for Dementia

    Classes that bring art ‘to life’ for residents at a Hastings care home can continue thanks to further funding from the Big Lottery Fund.

  • Hastings Online Times

    Life Drawings at Hastings Arts Forum

    Dementia is a barrier that cruelly cuts the sufferer off from their family and friends. But various forms of artistic expression have been shown to provide welcome channels of communication, as Judy Parkinson has found with the Drawing Life classes she runs at Hastings Court Care Home.

  • Hastings Observer

    Life Drawings Exhibition by Hastings Dementia Residents

    An exhibition of life drawings by people with dementia will be open at a care home from Saturday (December 19th, 2015).