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Life drawings exhibition by Hastings dementia residents

Life drawings exhibition by Hastings dementia residents

An exhibition of life drawings by people with dementia will be open at a care home from
Saturday (December 19th, 2015).

Hastings Court Care Home residents have been painting a model in classes run by
Drawing Life’s Judy Parkinson, art teacher Robert Sample and life model Mike Mitchell.
The scheme is backed by the Big Lottery Fund and apparently, helps the residents’
calmness and sense of well-being.

Paresh Malhotra, a neurologist from Charing Cross Hospital, attended a class to examine
motor-skills and visuo-spatial attention in people with dementia.

He thinks the project has a lot of value with repeated engagement, the concentration and
the wellbeing it induces.

“It is so much better than doing something passive like watching television,” he said.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an ambient song made entirely of sound effects
recorded by Keith Rodway during the classes.

For more details contact Judy on 07768 633755.


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